CUTTING OFF UNNECESSARY SPENDING: No more travel junkets for public servants

To cut off unnecessary government spendings on exorbitant travels, President Rodrigo R. Duterte recently issued Executive Order No. 77 banning junkets for government officials and employees.

Executive Order No. 77, signed on March 15, 2019 reads: “All forms of travel junkets shall be strictly prohibited.”

But if government employees conduct official travels, the executive order mandates economy class for such travels except for Department Secretaries, Undersecretaries, and Assistant Secretaries if the trip is more than four hours.

Public modes of transportation are required on official travels.

EO 77 reads: “Only the ordinary public conveyance or customary modes of transportation shall be used. The use of chartered trips, special hires of public utilities, garage cars, water vessels, and other extraordinary means of transportation shall not be allowed unless justified by the prevailing circumstances.”

Holding of strategic planning workshops or team building activities abroad is also banned.

EO 77 also prohibits government officials and employees from accepting a trip paid for in full or partially by suppliers or contractors with pending requests or applications, or future dealings with the government agency or unit they belong to.

“Official foreign trips partially or fully sponsored or funded by private corporations or private individuals shall be fully disclosed,” EO 77 reads.

The EO also sets the amounts for clothing allowance, daily subsistence allowance, and representation expenses of officials.