Duterte to business sector: ‘Don’t give in to corruption, government will give 100% satisfaction’

The Philippine government assures the business sector of “100 percent satisfaction” on services and programs as long as they would not give in to corruption.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said in his message at the 44th Philippine Business Conference and Expo (PBC&E) Concluding Ceremony at the Manila Hotel on Thursday, October 18, 2018,

The Chief Executive said that he would make sure to give businessmen an audience for their complaints.

“I’m advising foreign investors, you have to tell me the truth. If you have something to complain especially about corruption, please talk to me and I will give you 100 percent satisfaction. That’s my promise to you and you will be protected,” President Duterte said.

The President also emphasized his administration’s commitment to impose law and order and combat graft and corruption in the country. “This thrust is not solely the government’s responsibility, but the entire Filipino people,” President Duterte said.

“So I promised you that corruption would be dealt with severely and I am doing it. That’s a campaign promise which I’m doing now. What is utterly lacking is the assertiveness of the Filipino people of their constitutional, civil, and political rights,” President Duterte said.

“Anybody who is complaining about graft and corruption, I will give you an audience any time,” President Duterte said.

Ramon Ang, the 44th PBC&E Chairman, submitted to President Duterte the business sectors’ list of resolutions that would alleviate the predicaments the investors are experiencing in the country such as flooding, traffic, and airport congestion.

President Duterte said such concerns will be discussed in the next cabinet meeting. “I will do everything to really address the things that you have mentioned. I will place it in the agenda, first agenda during the next meeting,” President Duterte said.