National Heroes Day: Paying tribute to our heroes’ devotion to our motherland

The Philippines’ National Heroes Day is a holiday observed on the fourth Monday of August every year to pay tribute to Filipino heroes who willingly sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom.

This commemoration reminds us of the great deeds of our forefathers who demonstrated utmost devotions to our beloved motherland.

These men and women who courageously stood against all odds for the Philippine archipelago to grow as a nation.

Their exemplary lives made them famous and worthy to be honored for their remarkable contributions to the rich Philippine history, a legacy to be passed on from one generation to another.

In the recent Marawi crisis, our soldiers demonstrated the same heroism and devotion to our motherland. Their extraordinary bravery, courage, and unity once again displayed the ideal Filipino virtues aptly commemorated in this holiday..

Such heroism and sacrifices continue to motivate and inspire us others to follow their lead.