Duterte warns government personnel: Veer away from abuse of authority

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave a stern warning to all government personnel, especially in the Bureau of Immigration, not to abuse their authority in questioning foreigners who are visiting the country.

“Pagka na-istampan na kasi ‘yang admitted to the country for so many days, karamihan kasi ‘yang mga Korean pati Intsik, they are always bugged by Immigration and police and that has to stop,” President Duterte said. The victims of deceiving BI personnel are usually Koreans and Chinese, according to the President.

“I’m ordering now that kayong mga Immigration and police should not approach any of the tourist on the guise of question about their stay or valid papers. You are not supposed to… Stop it. Ayaw ko na ‘yang ganun,” President Duterte said.

President Duterte urged foreigners and locals to call 8888 should they feel abused by government personnel.

“Anything that contravenes the policy of government, all you have to do is to put it sa 8888 and I will take notice of that and I will take action,” President Duterte said.

Duterte assured businessmen that his administration is ridding the country of corruption.

“Dito sa akin, lahat ng may atraso sa gobyerno nagbayad na. I do not have to mention their names, but all those who owed government 7 billion, ilang presidente na ang dumaan. I gave them three days. Just give him, I said, three days,” the President said.

“You are safe with the Customs, you are safe with the BIR,” President Duterte said.

“As we make our country more attractive to businesses and investments, the national government will be doing — we are currently streamlining our processes, providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to targeted sectors, enhancing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium industries and intensifying the fight against illegal drugs, crime and corruption or anything,” President Duterte said.