Poe urges colleagues to prioritize approval of the First-time Jobseekers Assistance Act

Senator Grace Poe has urged the senate to prioritize passing the measure that aims to exempt newly grads on fees collected for government documents required for employment.

According to Poe, the First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act will help fresh graduates and their families to save on expenses obtained from pre-employment requirements.

Poe, a co-author of the said act added that “it entails a lot of effort on the part of the students in completing such documentary requirements and expenses in securing those documents could reach thousands of pesos.”

The said bill is on pending approval on second reading at the Senate, after the committee on labor, employment, and human resources development has endorsed it for plenary debates last December.

“Once this measure becomes a law, new graduates will be exempted from paying fees for their NBI clearance, police clearance, cedula and other documents required before they join the workforce,” Poe furthered.

Once finalized into law, the measure would order concerned government agencies to waive the fees of first-time job seekers who need documents like clearances from the National Bureau of Investigation, police, and barangay, as well as valid proof of identification such as Postal ID.

To be free of payment charges, the job seeker must present his diploma, certification, or any valid document as proof of his completion from high school, college, or vocational course.

Aside from fresh graduates, the bill also covers students on LOA (leave of absence) and those who are not engaged in employment or education.