Duterte signs EO vs ‘endo’

In time for the commemoration of the Labor Day today, President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Executive Order prohibiting illegal contracting and subcontracting.

The EO was made official at the start of the President’s speech during the Labor Day celebration in Cebu City.

Under Section 2, the said executive order prohibits any contracting or subcontracting “undertaken to circumvent the workers’ right to security of tenure, self-organization, collective bargaining and peaceful concerted activities.”

Duterte has also warned companies involved in illegal contractualization, saying that their days are “numbered.”

According to the President, the government would “never cease in its effort to provide Filipino workers with dignified and meaningful employment,” and that laborers “deserve no less than decent and comfortable lives.”

Duterte also said that he has ordered the Department of Labor and Employment to submit to his office a list of companies who are still practicing labor-only contracting.

“I have warned you before and I warn you again… stop ‘endo’ and illegal contractualization. I will see to it that our laws are strictly enforced. The government will not rest until we end this shameful practice,” the President said.