PNP chief warns of insubordination charges vs. cops badmouthing him online

Members of the police force who will be proven guilty of badmouthing Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde online might face insubordination charges for questioning his leadership skills.

According to Albayalde, he had already collaborated with the Directorate for Information and Communication Technology Management (DICTM) to help identify policemen who direct destructive words on him on the Facebook page “Buhay Lespu” (Life of a Policeman).

“So makita mo ang attitude ng pulis natin, ‘yun ang mga pasaway. Kaya sabi ko sa DICTM I want them to be identified and make them report in my office personally,” Albayalde said in a statement.

“How can they say that to a senior officer at that? See the attitude of our policemen, makakapagsabi ka ng ganyan sa isang commander mo, sa isang senior officer? What kind of attitude do you have kung ganon?” he furthered.

Albayalde reiterated that police officers who have any issues about him can go to the grievance committee and have their problems noted, or they can just talk to him directly, instead of venting out on social media.

The leader of the 190,000-strong police force noted that the said move is not intended to breach freedom of expression since all workers in the uniformed service should strictly comply to the government and the PNP’s rules and regulations in the first place.

“That (badmouthing) is tantamount to insubordination. And I’m not taking it against them, sabi ko nga wala akong problema kung may galit sa akin,” he said. “Not ‘yung patago, not ‘yung paganon na ginaganon mo yung mga officers mo. You are in an organization, you have to respect your organization.”

Albayalde said that he wanted to implant a culture of discipline and change in attitude among the police officers as a way of improving public service.