Sumilon Island ready for tourists again

The tourist spots of Sumilon Island in Cebu including its dive site and sand bar have been reopened for tourists a week after being closed for clean-up and rehabilitation purposes.

A day before the island’s reopening, members of the Bangcogon Oslob Fishermen Association (BOFA) were seen doing some last-minute cleaning in the beach’s picnic area.

Members of the said association also built a fence for crowd control, allowing the entry of guests of the only operational resort in the island.

According to tourism officer Elizabeth Benologa, they have agreed to implement regulations around the island including parameters of imposing a maximum three-hour visit time to only 522 guests or fewer.

The agreement also covers the closure of the particular part of the island every third Wednesday of the month, as this will be the time for the island’s clean up.

“We have to be serious if we want to have a progressive tourism or else nature will take it back from us,” Beneloga said in Cebuano.

Managers of the resort have expressed their continuous support for the local government’s initiative on protecting the island’s tourist spots.

Local government officials will also close the Tumalog Falls for three-days next week for rehabilitation.