PH military among ‘most powerful’ in the world

The Philippines landed on the 50th spot in the ‘Most Powerful Military Forces in the World’ list as announced by Global Firepower.

According to the online news platform, the Philippines has allotted a defense budget of USD 3,000,000,000 and has military personnel of 498,250. In addition, the country has a total aircraft strength of 149, plus 45 tanks, 778 armored fighting vehicles, 119 total naval assets, and a power index of 0.8367.

The Philippines, ranked 50 out of 145 nations, follows the spot of Belarus (49), Uzbekistan (48), Chile (47), South Africa (46), and Venezuela (45).

The top 5 ranks of the said list belongs to the United States, Russia, China, India, and France respectively.

Shown through a gallery in online news website Newsweek, the Most Powerful Military Forces in the World list has parameters of “manpower available and diversity of weapons.”

Last March 8, Senator Panfilo Lacson proposed the Senate Bill No. 1734 also known as the National Defense Act of 2018. The bill indicates that natural-born as well as naturalized Filipinos will have to be in a two-year mandatory military service in the country.

The said move aims to beef up the country’s capability to counter terrorism and other threats to the nation’s security.

Aside from this, the bill also mandates the improvement of the government’s equipment and capabilities to fight against insurgency, terrorism, and other threats.

Moreover, the bill also indicates the renaming of the National Defense College of the Philippines to National Defense University of the Philippines.

Under the bill, the Department of Defense will also be allowed to accept donations, contributions, and other grants that will be beneficial to the upgrading of defense equipment and other materials.