Chinese President extends birthday wishes to Duterte, cites improved relations with PH

Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed his sincere congratulatory and best wishes greetings to President Rodrigo Duterte as he celebrates his birthday on March 28.

In his letter, President Xi said that the “turnaround” of the relationship between the Philippines and China are “being further considered and deepened.”

“Our bilateral relations have enjoyed ongoing betterment and improvement and reaped productive outcomes, which brought tangible benefits to our two peoples and promoted peace and stability of the region,” the Chinese leader mentioned in his congratulatory letter.

He also noted that their meeting “on quite few occasion” helped them reach “important consensus on advancing China-Philippines relations and deepening the practical cooperation, and set the course for the future growth of our bilateral relations.”

“I attach great significance to the growth of China-Philippines relations, and stand ready to work with you to carry forward sustained and in-depth growth of China-Philippines relations and bring about more benefits to our countries and peoples,” Xi furthered.