Coast Guard to heighten security during Lenten Week

The entire group of Coast Guard units in the country will be under heightened alert status for the entire Holy Week to ensure safety of passengers traveling by ship.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), all Coast Guard units nationwide were instructed to perform proactive measures in ensuring safety. Security, and comfort of the seagoing public who will travel by ship to go to their respective provinces, Coast Guard Commander Rear Admiral Elson Hermogino said.

Aside from this, all commanders were instructed to implement maximum security measures and maintain regular monitoring of all ports nationwide.

The alert status will take effect from March 21 to April 5. During the said period, inspection of ships will be intensified to ensure seaworthiness of the vessel.

All Coast Guard units were also ordered to monitor the number of passengers, the adequacy if live-saving equipment on board, and the examination of the ship’s documents before granting clearance to sail.

In addition, Coast Guard Public Information Officers were also required to perform public awareness campaign to promote safety while traveling and doing recreational activities in beaches.