Senators call for total deployment ban to protect OFWs from abusive countries

The Senate is pushing for the total deployment ban of Filipino household workers to countries that lack laws needed to protect OFWs’ rights and welfare, as well as those that allow confiscation of passports.

The Upper Chamber has adopted Resolution No. 676 which expresses the Senate’s call for the total ban of Filipino household workers to countries that do not grant migrants the same rights and work conditions as their nationals.

The said resolution was authored by Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III together with Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Emmanuel Pacquiao as co-authors.

Pimentel on his sponsorship speech during the session said that contrary to how foreign employers treat Filipino domestic helpers, OFWs shouldn’t be thought as slaves.

“The Filipino is not a slave. Our forefathers shed blood so that the Filipino may never again be enslaved by foreigners,” the senator said.

“We can and should limit the places where they seek employment in to only those countries that provide the same rights and protection given to national of that country,” Pimentel added.

Senator Joseph “JV” Ejercito supported the Senate’s move, saying that the government should echo the same sentiment against deploying Filipino household workers in countries where there are violated rights.