Globe rolls out refreshed system for Value Added Services (VAS) subscriptions

As an answer to recent events involving unnecessary load deductions of consumers, Globe Telecom has successfully upgraded its system refresh to give an improved overall experience for prepaid and postpaid users with Value Added Services (VAS) subscriptions.

Started March 10, customers have been made aware about the completion of the VAS system renovation and were given new instructions on how to re-enroll any VAS of their choice.

Users were instructed to visit the official Globe website at for the new subscriptions. Latest VAS purchases will go through a 3-step verification process in compliance with the mandate of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to ensure the VAS transaction has been authorized by the customer.

For example, a verification will start when a customer clicks on an SMS or digital add, then the customer will be directed to another SMS of landing page with proper information on the service or product offered. Once a customer clicks to a subscription potion, a verification code will be sent to the customer’s mobile number as a second confirmation. Upon input and verification of the correct code, the customer will be notified confirming the VAS subscription. The notification will contain an unsubsrcibeor opt-out option should the customer change his mind.

“As a purpose-led organization, we are committed to do what is right for our customers and provide a better connected experience. The VAS system refresh provides all customers with prior subscriptions with a fresh start so they will have peace of mind and truly enjoy the service as originally intended,” said Globe General Counsel Atty. Froilan Castelo.

Other than the VAS system refresh, Globe is also planning to beef up its monitoring system for every load transcation and will also soon be rolling out an improved customer subscription management system within the year.