Czech Republic removes processing and placement fees for Filipino applicants

Qualified Filipino applicants vying for new job openings allocated by the Czech Republic government won’t need to shell out an additional amount out of their pockets as they will not be charged any fees once their application to work in the said country gets the go signal.

This was the assurance made by EDI Staffbuilders International, Inc., one of the first recruitment agencies in the Philippines who discovered the promising labor market in the Czech Republic and who are now gathering manpower resources for Czech companies.

The Czech Republic recently opened 1,000 job openings for qualified Filipinos in support of its three-country expansion for foreign workers.

EDI President and CEO Cesar Averia Jr. said that the elimination of the processing and placement fees for the Filipino job applicants abroad has always been considered as a basic ethical recruitment practice and advocacy of John Clements Consultants Inc., EDI’s parent company.

“All the basic principles applied by John Clements we also incorporated in EDI,” said Averia.“We have always vowed that EDI will not charge a single centavo to any applicants who want to work abroad.”

“Our basic ethical recruitment policy is that the candidate should not pay a single centavo,” Averia furthered. “It should be employer pay system.”