Belmonte pushes for more CCTV installation in QC

In support of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista’s projects to improve security, Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte says she will head more projects that would pursue the installation of more closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the city.

She says there is a need to closely watch barangay streets, relating that with the full coverage of CCTV’s in all 142 barangays, so that law enforcers may be able to do their jobs more efficiently.

“There is a plan for a 100-percent CCTV coverage in the barangays. I understand the CCTV project is being done phase-by-phase, so we will push for it,” she said.

Belmonte also added that hundreds of monitoring cameras have already been installed in barangays, public schools, city government offices, public places, and along major and secondary roads since 2010.

CCTVs installed by the government are linked to the command center at the city hall and the Quezon City Police District or barangay halls for monitoring.

In addition, the city government has also required all business establishments to have CCTVs on their premises.

Belmonte also reiterated that the CCTVs are helpful in traffic management and road emergency response.