Mindanao rehab supported by US Embassy

The US Embassy in Manila has allotted PhP 18.5 million for their #ForMindanao campaign which covers cities in the said region including the war-struck Marawi City.

“These projects will address educational enrichment, economic development, and the psycho-social effects of conflict, among other pressing needs in the region,” the embassy said in a statement.

Spearheaded by the Philippine alumni of US government-sponsored exchanges, the said campaign expected to benefit13,500 people aims to support rehabilitation of the Mindanao region, particularly Marawi City which hosted a five-month clash between ISIS-influenced terrorists and the military.

“Within hours of the outbreak of fighting in Marawi, U.S. exchange alumni were on the frontlines of the humanitarian response. Individual exchange alumni and U.S. exchange alumni chapters throughout the country contributed nearly P2.2 million in food, hygiene kits and clothing that assisted more than 20,000 people impacted by the crisis,” the embassy said.

“U.S. exchange alumni from universities around the country launched the #MealsforMarawi campaign, raising P85,000 to conduct Ramadan iftars that fed more than 3,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), while the U.S. alumni chapter in Davao, in partnership with the Rotary Club, delivered food, clothing, and basic medicine to nursing mothers in IDP camps,” the embassy added.

Aside from this, the US Embassy will aslo grant fifteen PhP 100,000 #ForMindanao stipends to public school and madrasa teachers as well as women’s cooperative leaders who have participated in government training programs. They can use the said amount to help suffice the needs of their schools and communities.
The US embassy has currently committed over PhP 1 billion for the rehabilitation of Marawi and neighboring areas through the aid of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).