Duterte vows to grant lumads free education

President Rodrigo Duterte assured lumad parents that they can send their children to school without worrying too much of the expenses as the government is ready to cover their education costs.

Duterte made this promise before some 1,000 lumads who attended the recently concluded Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Summit.

“If you want your child to go to Ateneo or La Salle or my school, San Beda, go ahead. Whoever want to do that, it’s free,” he said in a speech delivered before some 1,000 lumads attending the two-day Mindanao IP Leaders’ Summit in Davao.

The president also said that lumad families who dream of “having a doctor or a lawyer” in their household can make this a reality because there would be free education.

Duterte also mentioned about child minding centers, a place where lumad women who can’t afford hiring “nannies” can leave their children. This, according to the president, will be helpful for lumad mothers to learn a new skill without worrying for their small children.

“Here in Davao, I have child minding (centers). Those who have to work but did not have nannies can always leave their children there,” he added.

Duterte also reiterated that lumads should refrain from associating with communists rebels.

“Do not look for war, it has not given you anything at all, he said.