Duterte to negotiate with China to open doors for OFWs

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday that he’s willing to talk and negotiate with China to open its doors for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) amid the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) deployment ban to Kuwait.

In line with this, the president has called for foreign employers to treat OFWs properly.

“I would like to address myself to all nations taking in Filipinos as workers. All I ask is that you treat them decently. Do not destroy their dignity as a human being,” Duterte said in his speech in Davao City after arriving from a three-day visit from India.

“All I ask is treat them (OFWs), I said with dignity. Huwag ninyong abusuhin. Hindi naman ‘yan — They are not, you know, Filipino women are not merchandise, you buy and just do what you want. It sucks.”

The President also said that the country is ready to face consequences following the Kuwait employment ban, more particularly with regard to the economy.

“Kaya I think the loss of employment opportunities for the people… but at the same time, I grieve for the Filipinos for what they have to go through, and suffering. If it means a reduced income, it will redound to a less GDP, then so be it,” Duterte furthered.

According to Duterte, China currently needs teachers and domestic helpers.

“I will ask China to open its doors to us. They need teachers and domestic helpers. And I said to them that if you can consider the Philippines, we would be glad to allow our workers to work here,” he said.