Public urged not to panic amid coronavirus threat

As President Rodrigo Duterte declared a nationwide state of public health emergency due to 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-2019) on March 7, 2020, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has urged the public to remain calm, stay healthy and cooperate with the government.

In an interview on Saturday, Go assured that the Duterte administration will always be one step ahead and is prepared in preventing the further spread of the disease.

“Our President thinks one step ahead. He wants us to be prepared to avoid panic among Filipinos,” he said.

The declaration is due to the rising cases of Covid-19 infection in the country where two have been classified as local transmission.

Go also reiterated that the public should adhere to the advice of health officials as he assured them that he will also monitor their efforts to see to it that they are doing their job well.

“As the Senate committee on health chair, I will make sure that they [health authorities] are really doing their job,” he said.

Go also urged health officials to ensure that back-up systems are in place in public health facilities in case more patients will be confirmed infected.

He added that the government should strengthen its information dissemination campaigns to educate the public on what is happening, what should be done, and what measures are in place to protect the country from Covid-19.

“To Filipinos, do not panic and, instead, cooperate with the government in its efforts to address the situation through stronger and more proactive measures to prevent the further spread of the virus,” he said.

He also advised those who may be experiencing flu-like symptoms to go to the nearest hospital and consult doctors to get proper medical attention and prevent the further spread of the disease. (Che Palicte, PNA)