PNP intensifies patrolling against ‘fake news’

The Philippine National Police will intensify its online operations to monitor and thwart fake news and any possible illegal activities.

Philippine National Police Chief Police General Archie Gamboa recently ordered intensified cyber patrol operations and monitoring against fake news circulating on social media platforms.

The PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) and its Regional Anti-Cybercrime Units are directed “to monitor misinformation circulating in social media involving national or immediate concern, conduct validation and fact-check to provide reports and updates with Facebook for appropriate action.”

“This time, we need to double our effort against the proliferation of false information, most especially about national concerns. We will conceptualize legal offensive against those netizens posting misinformation on social media platforms,” Gamboa said.

The PNP Chief also urges the public to refrain posting unverified information which appears to be fake news that leads to creating panic and confusion.

Based on the report, the PNP-ACG has launched a series of investigations and validation pertaining to widespread misinformation or fake news with harmful content and panic effect to the community using social media.

At the same time, cybercops are coordinating with the Facebook Philippines through their law enforcement portal and apparently able to monitor various posts proliferating fake news about the Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-2019.

“Facebook PH is providing helpful information and support to people connecting with accurate information about the global and regional health situation particularly on COVID 2019,” ACG noted. (Susan De Leon, PIA)