Army honors heroes and lessons through Joint Task Force Marawi Handbook Series

Intended to honor Marawi’s heroes and lessons, the Philippine Army has launched the Joint Task Force Marawi Handbooks, a series of books highlighting accounts and experiences from the five-month siege in Marawi City.

“As we commemorate the unfortunate memories of the crisis and remember the destruction caused by the enemy, we also keep in our hearts and minds the lessons learned in the military operations throughout the five-month long battle,” said Lt. Gen. Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, Commanding General, Philippine Army.

Lt. Gen. Bautista was the Commander of Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division and Joint Task Force Marawi during the Marawi crisis where government troops engaged the ISIS-Maute terrorist group in the fiercest military combat operations in recent Philippine History.

65 soldiers and policemen died and more than a thousand were wounded in the main battle area.

“As we engaged the enemy during the crisis in lethal operations and the same time the affected communities in non-combat operations, we were able to strategically and efficiently combine hard power and soft power approaches. At the same time it projected a positive image of the Philippine Army. These are exemplified in the Joint Task Force Marawi handbooks.

Digital media, including social media played a very significant role in our innovative ventures in the virtual battle field in the online world toward translating tactical gains in the main battle area into strategic victories from the eyes of affected communities and the Filipino nation,” Lt. Gen. Bautista said.

The handbook series, which covers Joint Task Force Marawi combat and non-combat operations, is a compendium of stories immortalized in a series of books.

“It is an enduring documentation of actual experiences and achievement on the ground during the crisis. In order to keep an intended tone of book presentation, the handbooks were designed for specific internal and external audiences,” Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera, Director of Operations Research Center, Philippine Army.

These books, “which have determined the gaps, capabilities and lesson learned for future reference and inspiration, are aimed at driving capabilities toward a better Philippine Army,” Lt. Gen. Bautista added.

“While your army has been battle tested since time immemorial, we are always wide open to embrace new challenges for new opportunities for new development. This is the very essence of Operations Research Center, Philippine Army. One of our important tasks is to accurately document these encountered challenges in Marawi and provide insights and analysis as reliable sources for future references,” Lt. Col. Herrera said.

“As we experienced challenges in the battle of Marawi, we saw opportunities to improve. These challenges and opportunities should be eternally archived by keeping its information and data in print and online. the operations research center, Philippine Army painstakingly worked on the documentations and all its encompassing realizations that transpired during the crisis,” Lt. Col. Herrera furthered.